A moment, a season, the plan….the PARTAYS

June 30th, 2008

There is an image or a  moment in my mind that captures the early summer season and my own season in life on Martha’s Vineyard.  This morning my daughter, Lucy headed out to her second day as a sailing instructor, juggling a backpack and a lifejacket, a toasted bagel oozing with peanut butter and a water bottle rattling with ice.  Somehow she managed to push her bike across the lawn and throw one leg over the seat and alight just as the two wheels gained momentum.  Soon she was coasting down  Ocean Park with Nantucket Sound sparkling in the background.   These are the moments that stay with you all of your life, whether you are the one rolling along on that bicycle seat or watching from the side porch as a proud mother.  I can easily go to that place as an 18 year old in my mind:  a beautiful summer day soon after High School graduation, the nervous newness of the summer job, and the anticipation of college as sparkling as Cape Cod on the horizon. Here’s a picture of our Sailing Instructor and Tulane 2012 Freshman on her graduation day.       As a friend said to me recently, “Look! Your plan worked!”  It wasn’t until that moment that I realized this summer on Martha’s Vineyard was part of our plan. This is our 10th season and our first full season on the Island and YES! OUR LITTLE “PLAN” WORKED!!  The summer on Martha’s Vineyard really kicks off in Edgartown last week with the wine and food sodden annual TASTE OF THE VINEYARD.  I had to miss it since I was doing my own wine and food sodden event at 8,000 feet: The Food and Wine Magazine Classic in Aspen.  (More on that later…) We had a special interest in the event since our older daughter, Sarah is interning at Martha’s Vineyard Preservation trust which benefited from last weeks events.  THE WORD on Main Street is that her “Vanna White Skills” got the Ray Ellis painting up to up to a 65K BID!! MV Preservation Trust Gala She is taking great advantage of the tutelage of the MVPT director,  Christopher Scott.  He is a fabulous mentor and has a great wit and irony that is an essential complement to the non-profit sector.  The offices themselves are historic upstairs at the  the Daniel Fisher House, so it is a special perch for Sarah’s first summer ON ISLAND.    

BIG BLOG….why now?    Since this is my first BIG BLOG I wanted to tell you a little bit about what led me to expressing myself in this space.  I think this summer on Martha’s Vineyard is going to bring great opportunities for me professionally and personally.   In effect, I have taken my busy BIG LIFE on the road to a vibrant and creative community where there is much to learn and much to give–perfect BLOG material.  I hope to report on the doings in a regular feature: ON ISLAND,  post  links to places where I find inspiration and information and while I am at it, reconnect with friends and colleagues in this universe.  Finally, I think blogging on an Island has its advantages as a more finite universe that collects all these fabulous people!  Before I publish my FIRST BIG BLOG, I wanted to test some of the technology I have available here on this lap top.  I have spent hours with the multi-talented Liz Witham who gets my first URL SHOUT OUT …but I have to call her right now and ask her how to insert it….Oops…that will have to wait. Got her voice mail.

http://www.docutunes.com/blog/ She and her husband, KEN are having a BIG EVENT on July 10th at the OUTERLAND.

More to come on that.  Suffice to say, Ms. Witham is part of the illustrious Taylor family where they spared no talent gene in the two generations we all have come to admire. Liz is the best. AND she can sing.

OK. Here’s my parting technology shot.  I have learned that YOU TUBE videos can be embedded into blogs quite easily. So, I’ve chosen this one to share.   SO…I think I covered a MOMENT, the SEASON, the PLAN… Here’s a PARTAY… CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 2008:  (Now you can see why I had to leave town….)